New Features: Collections & Options Manager

To help you better manage products, we recently added some new features:

  • Collections
  • Options Manager

Keep reading for more about these features.


Collections are broader versions of categories, and so they’ll help you better organize products.

For example, you might categorize a pair of pants as: Clothing, Pants, and Ladies. Then you might put that same pair of pants in a couple collections: Fall & Wear to Work.

To add items to a collection:

  1. On the left under Products, find the item and click it, OR click Create Product to create a new product.
  2. Scroll down to Inventory & Options, and you’ll see the Collections box.
  3. Here just enter whatever you like (like Fall, Wear to Work), and then press Enter. Then save your product when you’re done editing it.

Tip   On future products, start typing a collection’s name, and your site will suggest matching collections to you.

Next, to create a page with your Fall collection, simply add it to your menu:

  1. Click Navigation to open your menu.
  2. Next, on the left, click Add Another Link.
  3. In that link, under Text, add the name of your collection (e.g., Fall).
  4. Now, under Link To, select the Collection, and then click Save.

Options manager

The options manager is a way for you to manage the options (like Size, Color, and Style) that you use to create variants. Here you can remove options, and change the names that you see and the names that customers see.

So first create a couple products with variants (read about how to do that in My Store 101).

Next, on the left under Products, click Options Manager to see your options.

Click an option to edit it. Here, you can change how you and visitors see the option. For example, you can change the Option Name that visitors see:

And you can change the Option Values that visitors see:

You can also Archive values so you won’t see them when adding that option in the future:

Try out these new features and let us know what you think!

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