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Various Issues

Hi.  I'm using SiteKit on a docked Android 5 Note 3 with Chrome.  I'm noticing some problems with saving certain edits.  What is the recommended mobile broswer for SiteKit?  

Also, I got some emails from moboom and I can't reply to them.  I was offered a month of free service by but when I send a reply I get the email returned.



Glad to hear it is working for you on Chrome.

We'll be in touch shortly.


Ah.  I might not have access to an actual PC for a while.  Thanks.  It works pretty great on Chrome even so...

Hi Joseph,

SiteKit is not designed to be used with a mobile browser, while it may work on a large tablet, it is intended to be used on a laptop or desktop.

We will be in contact by email regarding your month of free service.

Please let me know if you have further questions.



Community Manager, Moboom

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